Our Party Bus Celebration

After a long year’s worth of work, we have used the funds allocated for the Senate end of the year party. We are seeking to go to a nice local bar from the city. We seek to go to a local bar or restaurant in order to patronize one of our local businesses. We have heard of a restaurant where there are constant patrons willing to wait in line for an hour in order to eat. We may eat there because we do not really feel like waiting. However, if there are no alternatives that we wish to eat at, we will be willing to wait however long that it takes to eat. We wish to eat at a great restaurant where there is a bunch of commuting back and forth due to a high volume of business. We want to be able to speak to our local community to see ways to improve our university campus. The day that we have scheduled is for two weeks from now. We want to make the celebration good and are willing to have the students come and enjoy time with us. After all, they were the ones who elected us, so it would be a unfair service to exclude them from our celebration as though the students did not participate. However, due to the potential for the venue to reach capacity before the students arrive, we will pick a new location because we do not wish to exclude them. Instead of going to a restaurant in Washington, DC, We will get a party bus in Utah.

You heard right. We will be going to Utah! It is very different and will allow other students to come. Utah is not as densely packed as Washington, DC, due to both the larger size of the state and the presence of smaller towns and cities outside of its major cities. Washington, DC is just one giant city. When we go to Utah, we will be going to possibly be going to Wendover, Las Vegas, or Park City. There are many discounts being offered to our group, which should provide extra incentive for many students to seek joining our group. Do not neglect the chance to join us on this trip because if you think about, not many people fly across the country to go to Utah.

We are considering Wendover because Wendover has many resorts and exciting things to visit, such as the Historic Airfield as well as the presence of a big night life. It has many casinos, hotels, and a great atmosphere. It is peaceful and quiet if you would like to have a nice quiet time. However, if you are looking for something that will stimulate your senses, one of the bars could be your location. It has ways to please both candidates, which is what makes it a very good candidate. The bar will not be the location we go to because we will try something else, so if you are someone that would be open to apply, be sure to contact us. Here is a youtube video that gives a tour of Wendover so that you may see the location in more detail. If you request more information, you can check any search engine.


The Senate

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