Senate Meeting

Hello, we are the senate that runs this student government. We have been operating under our same principles for years and years and we feel it is finally time for us to let you know how things have been going. The education of the school is determined by the interactions that our students have with the professors. The professors are Nobel Prize awardees and have been blessed to contribute to the world in such an amazing and productive way.

According to the finance committee, we are due our funds to respectively introduce very great programs to our students. We have awarded some funds to the organization dedicated to bringing little children to college so they may themselves see what it is like to aspire for bigger things and to achieve their dreams. Some want to be basketball players. Others want to be teachers. Well, here at our university, you can all do that. However, you must be willing to put in the work to achieve your dreams.

Others want a money to fuel a trip for a cultural immersion program so that the students may become well-rounded and productive to the global economy as a whole. Just being on one continent does nothing for in terms of global productivity because we are all connected. Therefore, it is imperative that students have access to different backgrounds, whether they choose to serve in a different country or continent. Our students will have access to a host of resources at their disposal, thanks to the wonderful donors such as the past alumni. Past supporters also help fuel our mission so they will not be excluded. Therefore, we urge everyone to come check out our senate office, and most importantly, our school, because this is where we got our start.

Much appreciation,

The Senate

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